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  1. tefa_96 says:

    Such as the BiQuintile, SesquiQuadrate, etc.

    Do any of them have more influence than the others?
    *Please do not post links to Astrology websites when answering. I’m fully aware of Google and I have looked this up myself. I want to hear REAL answers from those of you that know how to read charts.*
    *Well, not “hear” answers but READ them ;)*

  2. Michael C says:

    So on, for the celebrities natal charts, it says their dominant planet (example: Lady Gaga’s is Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter.) How and where can I find out my dominant planets? Thanks. Oh, where can I find out my dominant planets?

  3. henryshensbcglobalnet says:

    Could you also tell me all the others, like January and February Aquarius.

  4. whitesoxfan2347 says:

    I have Cap sun,but also neptune and venus conjunct in fist house.Sometimes I feel more like pisces sign. Is Neptune so strong iplacement in 1st house?

  5. supernerd567 says:

    to much info to grasp for me..over whelming 10 days??
    this question from a series of books where it said if you wanted to start a Ten yr reading
    and it gave you certain areas to start from

  6. Pacman says:

    Ok, so I have finished putting together my husbands birth chart. I wrote everything down. The meaning of the Moon in a sign, the planets aspects, what signs are in the houses, well EVERYTHING, now how do I piece the whole thing together, or how can I read the birth chart to my husband?

  7. Michael C says:

    i want to know> i am a aquruis and i am really into the horoscopes i want to learn more than i already know

  8. Ryan Dunn says:

    RAJ/ 21-July-1965/ 14:25/ 22N46-75E19

    God is kind enough to me and given me strength to resolve all the problems came to me so far. As life is mix of good and bad so based on my horoscope I want to know how long this will continue in my life ? Is there will be really bad time stored for me.

  9. superdork says:

    I know it’s rude to ask for that. If I could pay, I would. I just know in the past I have talked to psychics from Yahoo Answers who were kind and willing to do free readings. Are any of them still here?

  10. Patrick says:

    Are people born under the astrological sign Sagittarius, are they more selfish and think only of themselves more than any other sign?

  11. RuMKilleR says:

    Sounds good, eh?

    Not good.

    Sounds terrifyingly good, yeah?

    Yeah, I know you agree with me.

    Woo hoo!

  12. dealy says:

    So I’m Leo sun, cancer moon, aries rising.. I just realized Sun is ruler of leo, Moon is ruler of cancer and first house is naturally ruled by the sign of Aries. Does that have some sort of added significance?

  13. Jason M says:

    What will this girl be like in general and in romantic relationships? I realize that astrology is more than just these placements, but I just want a general overview of her personality based on these placements. Thanks!

  14. Kaylla says:

    I thought that I needed a medium. Does anyone know of any free astrology readings? I need to have my son contact me. I am tormented with grief.

  15. morbiusdog says:

    which are the other “minor progressions” too and how they are used together with secondary progressions? do they tell things different or are they used more for accuracy in timing events? how about Solar Archs too? (if know)

    any help appreciated.

  16. Wooooody says:

    Free of Charge!

    BQ: Do you ever see the rain?

    Aries Sun
    Virgo Moon

    Sorry “Have YOU ever seen the rain”.
    Eh no. I’m planning to do Readings. HOWEVER, I do plan to make you you smile with this picture.
    Kagi, You are a smart individual.

  17. Mak Sultan says:

    How do Astrologers successfully complete a chart for someone who has no idea what time of day/night they were born ?

    The time of birth was not documented on the Birth Certificate,
    and the Hospital closed years ago.

    No living relatives that would know,

    Seems to me the time of Birth is important when it comes to the art/science of Astrology.

    How could an Astrological Chart be completed without this information ?

  18. Mike says:

    I really want to become an astrologer. I have given the thought to going to an astrology school. I’ve researched all the schools close to where I live, but they are pretty far. Though, to be honest I really don’t have the money to pay for any expenses whatsoever, especially not for traveling. So now I’m thinking of self-study. Is it possible that I can self-study to become an astrologer? And if you can, what would be the procedures? Any help will be appreciated it. Thanks.

  19. balinderk2000 says:

    When i read a couple of synastry aspect definitions, i can’t relate to the part where they mention terms such as south node, chiron, vertex, eros, etc., coz when i did a synastry reading in cafeastrology, the results never mentioned those terms. Only the aspects of the planets. So i’m looking for a website that offers those info as well, since if i’m not mistaken, i think you can get those results from a composite chart, right? So kindly post those websites. Thanks.

  20. steve says:

    as most times when an outer planet transits into and out of aspect 1 will do this 2 more this correct ? what is the general rule on the varience of how the 1st will be different from the 2nd and how the 3rd will be?

    please explain anything you can..and how accurate you find this? and why?

    thanks for your answers!

  21. Johnky J says:

    Is it the sun sign?

  22. josh12rox says:

    I wasted $90 on a highly recommended astrologer who read my ready made birth chart and I was truly disgusted and disappointed by the entire experience.

    This reader made so many vague character assessment guesses & harped on my 12th house for an hour, reading & telling me how empty it is work wise that particular houe of mine. I wanted to physically punch him for making my life sound useless and vague. I have a copy of my pictorial birthchart but I can’ make heads or tales of it. Bottomline, I prefer psychic/clairvoyant reading any day over a useless numerically oriented reading.

    Can this reader’s useless vague answer/predictions change with my free will & choices in the future (which hopefully make this idiot’s reader’s answers false) or are astrological readings an exact science with the answers he thought he gave me are right no matter what I do in my future?

    Thanks for answer my question.

  23. XplicitzZ says:

    I was on a few weeks ago and saw sexual horoscopes. Do you know where I can find them??? Thx
    They told about what kind of lover you were by your sign..

  24. arronwrath says:

    hello, i am new to astrology, and have been intrigued by it

    i have been looking on many sites for the interpretations of my birth, and the influence it has on my personality. thank you!!

    new link as suggested showing my astrology chart

  25. Con Orpe says:

    Like if you have the sun in the 3rd or moon in the 5th….whatever it maybe. Any planet in any house.

    Does that little detail show up?
    Do you honestly feel that affect in your personality or not really?
    How important are they if you know?

  26. Joe M says:

    What are some reasons that the signs of Scorpio and Aquarius might clash?
    I’m just asking why they might not get along, not whether or not you believe in astrology or how your spouse of blank years and you are these signs.
    Thank you!

  27. Michael K says:

    These pro astrologers must know that the sun sign is the most dominant in who you are as a person.

  28. Squall Leonhart says:

    Ok, so I got my birth chart and I have pluto in ascendant, lilith in midheaven, sun, venus and uranus in 2nd house, mercury, mars and neptune in 3rd, moon in 4th, nothing in 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, jupiter in 11th, saturn and asc. node in 12th. What does all this mean?

  29. Sriram R says:

    Why don’t astrologers predict the same for all signs be it moon/sun/zodiac? If one astrologer predicts that all moon sign taureans will win a lottery this week, then why does another astrologer predict that this week is not good for buying a lottery for moon sign taureans? Shouldn’t 95% of the predictions be the same for all moon sign taureans?

  30. kass9191 says:

    For one, I’d like to say.. That I don’t believe in Astrology. Its a half science with some truth to it.. But I’m a firm skeptic when it calms to readings.. Especially when it comes to the Sun Signs.. But mostly.. I think that Horoscopes is one of the biggest marketing scams in the world.

    Can someone tell me how people’s can have “set personalities” based on the days/months (signs) they were born under–that differentiate themselves from people who were born on different sun signs– based on the way the earth, moon, and starts are aligned in the universe?

    And can someone tell me how these damn astrologers got their info? It sounds do divine and laughable to me.. This is not some lame attempt to hate on people who believe in horoscopes.. But I doubt anyone can give me actual scientific research to explain to me why horoscopes can be true.

    But seriously.. I know people who avoid others based on their “compatibility” from their star signs..

    This hurts close to home because.. My sister is not very close to my mother, and she actually claims that.. because she is a Pisces, she cannot get along with Aries people, which happens to be the sign my mother was born into.. I overheard her specifically tell my mother she can’t get along with her.. BECAUSE OF THAT!!! WTF?!?
    When I’ve read horoscopes.. I notice that astrologers make often too generalizing personality traits that just about anybody can relate to.. but often not completely. I think that right there should already be a sign.. that horoscopes can’t be true.

    I don’t mean to be blunt.. But I truly think that. Horscopes are nothing but a scam.

    If I were you.. I wouldn’t avoid certain people–based on the signs they were born under. That’s just ridiculous.. and you are truly missing out in life. (:
    to Minerva:

    But where are you getting this info from? Where is the scientific proof that gives us that.. people born under a certain sun sign.. gives them “set personalities” that make them similar to the people under the same sign as them.. or makes them differentiate with people who were born from different sun signs??
    to gypsy:

    I’m not complaining about Astrology in general.. But the whole “set personalities” thing from horoscopes and sun signs.. I can’t believe for myself..

    But still.. Where’s the scientific proof and studies that people are born to have “set personalities” based on when they were born?

    I have yet for anyone to prove me wrong about that at least.
    Perhaps in my title.. I should have said *horoscopes” instead of Astrology. My fault on that part..

    I still don’t see how people can have “set personalities” based on the days they were born.. And even if this was true.. for an astrologer to record all of this.. Is beyond divine..

  31. gail C says:

    So I’ve read that a conjunction is two people having planets in the same degree, but that still doesn’t enable me to do my own synastry readings. Can someone please explain this to me by giving me an actual conjunction example, so I can see how this works. Thanks.
    I just don’t understand,, a very reliable astrology source says I have venus conjunct mars with this person.
    But I have venus 3’45’32
    And mars 7’04’46

    And this other person
    venus 14’18’22
    And mars 27’24’28

    None of that is conjunct… right?

    Both venus are cancer, with my mars in taurus, and theirs in virgo, if that’s relevant at all.

  32. Coffee t says:

    i have studied western astrology, charts and the whole nine. i know about decans, aspects, planets, degrees, houses, etc.
    I have then studied vedic astrology in depth and find it to be more accurate and i have even showed other people their readings and they are extremely surprised at how detailed, descriptive and true they have been.
    for one thing, vedic astrology uses the planetary degrees that are in the sky right now, while western astrology uses the degrees as they were hundreds of years ago.
    also, vedic astrology says the most important sign in one’s chart is the moon sign, since the moon travels fastest it effects us more than sun sign.

  33. Jamal says:

    when these witers wrote their most famous astrology books? and why leave out Pluto ? (as a Pluto underworld god was used before by the Greeks and Romans and in their astrology too?)
    besides this,,,how their books are? and how compared to modern writers such as Francois Sakoian or Robert Hand or James Braha? (are these the main 3 modern astro writers too btw?)

  34. skillz says:

    In my personal opinion I feel asteroids pose no significance on a birthchart, or if they did I would feel they would have more of a generational or outer planet influence ( like Pluto Neptune Saturn Uranus and Jupiter because the major ones are found orbiting around these planets). But some astrologers are all about the significance of asteroids, and note how some asteroids even have personal significance to us like the Eros sign which “can be even more revealing than the Venus or mars sign”. I can’t see how such a small body can over power a planet. Nonetheless this new asteroid craze continues, I have noted how in recently published astrology books astrologers are taking in the significance of asteroids particularly Chiron, one author even considered it like a planet. When you calculate birthcharts on astrology websites I am starting to see they are now calculating the position of the Lilith sign, some may even include Ceres Juno Fortune etc. I did some more personal research on asteroids in astrology and I realized there are more than 100 asteroids and each has a sign attached to them, this would mean that everyone of us has more than 100 aspects to our life and personality (which by all means could be true) but professionally speaking should asteroids really come into play in the birthchart or are these astrologers just being a little too trendy.

  35. PIE BOY says:

    The one that accurately describes all the planets and signs in the houses. Please give me a link.

    Im not talking about Birth Charts btw.

  36. Arminator says:

    I have my birth chart, and I know how to look up individual aspects and meanings. But I don’t know how to find current transits, and how to compare that to my birth chart for predictions? I also don’t understand degrees?
    “Forecasts” I think is the word i’m looking for.